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Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we get from our Masqueradors, anything else, give us a shout at:


How do I Pre-register and what is the cost?

Pre-registration costs $100USD and can be done online via our website www.vibemascarnival.com or in person at all Grenadian optical outlets.

I have pre-registered, do I still have to pay a deposit when registering for my costume?

Yes! Your pre-registration payment does not qualify as a deposit on your costume. When registration opens you are still required to pay a deposit to secure your costume. Once this is done your pre-registration payment will be applied to your account balance.

What are the benefits of Pre-Registration?

Pre registering not only secures your spot in the band but it also automatically enters you into all or prize give away competitions leading up to carnival. Pre-Registering also signs you up for early early notification to our registration portal. Giving you first preference in costume selection before the portal opens.

What happens if I pre-register but I change my mind?

We hope you will be as excited about the costumes as we are. Additionally, we have a limited number of spots for pre-registered masqueraders. Should you sign up and later on decide to give up your spot, you will not be refunded. However, if you decide to join us in the future we can still discount your package.